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In this ChatGPT & Python video we are going to learn how to Build Calendar with PyQt6, for building calendar with Python & PyQt6 we are going to use QCalendarWidget class, QCalendarWidget is widget in PyQt framework that provides calendar control for selecting dates. it allows users to navigate via calendar view and select specific date and it makes it useful for applications that require date selection such as scheduling or event management applications.


QCalendarWidget provides different features and customization options including:

  • ability to navigate through months and years using arrow buttons or keyboard shortcuts.
  • ability to display dates with custom formatting and styles.
  • ability to highlight specific dates or date ranges with custom colors or styles.
  • ability to select a date range by dragging the mouse over the calendar.
  • ability to display holidays or other special dates with custom icons or labels.

In addition to its standard features, QCalendarWidget is highly customizable and can be extended with custom functionality using PyQt’s event handling and signal and slot mechanism.

In result we can say that QCalendarWidget is powerful tool for developers who need to provide date selection functionality in their PyQt applications. it provides different features and customization options and it makes it suitable for different types f applications. (ChatGPT & Python – Build Calendar with PyQt6)

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