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In this Python Selenium video we want to learn about Python Selenium Web Driver Installation, Welcome to Python Selenium course, in this course we are going to learn about Selenium and we will learn that how we can work with some features of Python Selenium, Python Selenium is popular automation tool used to control web browsers through code. Selenium provides a way to automate web browser interactions it allows developers to write scripts that simulate user actions like clicking buttons, filling out forms and navigating between pages. Python is one of the many programming languages supported by Selenium, and it provides simple and it has easy syntax that makes it great choice for web automation tasks. by combining Python with Selenium, developers can create powerful and flexible scripts that can interact with web pages and perform complex tasks. Selenium uses web driver to communicate with the browser and it allows developers to automate tasks across multiple browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. This makes it a versatile tool for automating web tasks and testing web applications.

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