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In this Qt6 C++ video we are going to learn how to Create First GUI Window with Qt6 & C++, basically we are going to build widgets based window in Qt6 and C++, so QWidget is  fundamental class in Qt6 C++ framework that provides base class for creating graphical user interfaces (GUIs) in desktop applications. it is graphical representation of window or widget, such as a button, label, text box or other UI element.

QWidget class provides different methods and properties that allows developers to create, manipulate and manage graphical user interfaces. it includes methods for handling events, painting, layout and geometry management.

All visual elements in Qt6 application are derived from the QWidget class including top level windows, dialogs and all other UI components. this class provides framework for creating user interfaces that can be customized and extended to suit the specific needs of an application.

QWidget class is often subclassed to create custom user interface components that can be reused across multiple applications. QWidget class provides flexible and powerful framework for building cross platform desktop applications using C++ and Qt6 framework.

In this video we are going to practically work on creating our first gui window with Qt6 and C++, also you can get the source from the video attachment. (Create First GUI Window with Qt6 & C++)

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