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In this Qt6 video we are going to learn about Qt6 Single Signal with Multiple Slots, in Qt6 it is possible to connect a single signal to multiple slots using the connect function. this allows you to trigger multiple functions or methods when a particular event or signal occurs, we already have talked about Qt6 Signals and Slots that Qt6 Signals and Slots is  mechanism for communication between objects in the Qt6 framework. it allows objects to communicate with each other by emitting signals and receiving them through slots. this mechanism is an essential part of the Qt6 framework, as it provides powerful way to design and implement complex applications. in Qt6 signal is a function that is emitted when  particular event occurs. for example a button may emit a signal when it is clicked. slot is a function that is called in response to a signal. for example a slot may be used to update  display when a button is clicked. signals and slots mechanism provides several advantages over traditional callback functions.

for connecting single signal to multiple slots, you can call the connect function multiple times with the same signal and different slots, in this video we are going to practically learn about Qt6 Single Signal with Multiple Slots

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