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In this Qt6 video we are going to talk about Qt6 Introduction & Installation, Qt6 is the latest major release of the cross platform application development framework Qt. Qt is popular framework for developing applications with graphical user interfaces (GUIs) as well as for developing non GUI applications.

Qt6 comes with several new features, including improved high DPI support, better C++20 support, enhanced 3D rendering capabilities and better support for WebAssembly. Qt6 also includes improvements in performance and security compared to previous versions.

also Qt6 includes several changes in the architecture of the framework, including new modules and libraries and changes in the organization of the code, which may require some adaptation for existing Qt5 projects. Nevertheless, the developers aim to make the transition to Qt6 as smooth as possible for existing Qt users.



Qt6 Features

  1. Improved High DPI support: Qt6 includes better support for high resolution displays and it makes it easier to develop applications that look great for different devices and displays.
  2. Enhanced 3D rendering: Qt6 comes with new 3D engine that provides improved performance and better support for features like shadows, reflections and advanced lighting effects.
  3. Better C++20 support: Qt6 supports latest version of the C++ programming language, which provides several new features and improvements, including better performance, more concise synta and improved support for parallel programming.
  4. Improved Graphics and Animations: Qt6 provides improved support for animations, including new animation types, improved performance and better integration with other parts of the framework.
  5. Improved WebAssembly support: Qt6 includes better support for WebAssembly and it makes it easier to develop web applications using Qt.
  6. Modernized Architecture: Qt6 comes with several changes in architecture of the framework including new modules and libraries and changes in the organization of the code which make it easier to use and more flexible.
  7. Improved Security: Qt6 includes several improvements in security, including better support for secure communication protocols and improved protection against common security threats.


In this video lesson we are going to learn about Qt6 Introduction & Installation.

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