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In this Amazon (EC2) video lesson we want to learn about Amazon (AWS) EC2 User Data, Amazon EC2 User Data is a feature provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that allows users to pass data into the user data field of an EC2 instance at launch time. this data can be in the form of scripts, commands or any other text based data and can be used to configure or customize the instance at launch time, user data can be used for different of tasks such as installing software packages, configuring software settings and running custom scripts. for example users can use user data to automate the installation and configuration of web server or to set up custom monitoring scripts to monitor the instance performanc. user data can be passed to an EC2 instance in different ways such as through the AWS Management Console, AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) or AWS SDKs. once the user data is passed to the instance it is executed automatically during the instance’s launch process.


So we can say that EC2 User Data feature provides users with powerful tool for automating and customizing the configuration of their EC2 instances which can help to streamline their workflows and reduce the time and effort required to manage their cloud infrastructure.

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