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In this AWS Python & Boto3 video lesson we want to learn about Create AWS IAM User with Python & Boto3, IAM (Identity and Access Management) is a service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that enables users to manage access to AWS resources securely. IAM user is an entity within AWS that represents a person or application that interacts with AWS resources. IAM users are granted permissions to perform specific actions on AWS resources based on policies that are attached to their user account. IAM users can be used to delegate access to AWS resources without having to share long term access keys or AWS account credentials. this helps to improve security by ensuring that users only have access to the resources that they need and their permissions can be easily managed and revoked if necessary. IAM users can also be grouped together using IAM groups, which allows for easy management of permissions across multiple users. also IAM roles can be used to grant permissions to external entities such as AWS services or third party applications.

So we can say that IAM users are key component of AWS security and access management and it enables organizations to securely manage and control access to their AWS resources.

In this Create AWS IAM User with Python & Boto3 video we are going to practically talk about this.

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