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In this AWS Python & Boto3 video lesson we want to learn about List AWS All IAM Users with Python & Boto3, so AWS Listing Users with Python refers to using the Boto3 library in Python to retrieve list of IAM (Identity and Access Management) users in an AWS account. this process involves using the IAM service in AWS and authenticating the Python script with AWS credentials. once authenticated Boto3 library is used to make requests to the IAM service and retrieve a list of users in the account.


To list IAM users with Python and Boto3 following steps can be taken:

  1. Import the necessary libraries: First import the Boto3 library which is the AWS SDK for Python and the credentials library which is used to authenticate the script with AWS.
  2. Create a session: Next create session with the AWS account by calling the boto3.Session() method.
  3. Authenticate the session: Authenticate session using the credentials of an IAM user or an IAM role that has permissions to retrieve the list of users. this can be done by passing the AWS access key, secret access key and session token to the session object.
  4. List the IAM users: Finally use the Boto3 IAM client to list the IAM users in the account. this can be done by calling the list_users() method on the IAM client object. this method returns dictionary containing information about the users in the account such as their usernames, ARNs, and creation dates.

So we can say that listing IAM users with Python and Boto3 is a simple and straightforward process that can be useful for managing IAM users and permissions in an AWS account.


In this List AWS All IAM Users with Python & Boto3 video we are going to practically talk about this.

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