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In this AWS lesson we want to learn about Amazon Web Services (AWS) IAM User & Policy, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) is powerful tool that allows you to manage access to your AWS resources. IAM user policies are an essential component of IAM as they define what a user is allowed to do within your AWS account. IAM user policies are used to specify permissions that allow or deny users access to resources in your AWS account. they define the actions that user can perform such as creating or deleting resources, and the resources they can access such as S3 buckets or EC2 instances. in this AWS video we want to learn AWS IAM user policies, what they are, how they work and why they are essential for securing your AWS resources.


What is an IAM User Policy ?

An IAM user policy is a JSON document that defines the permissions that are granted to an IAM user or group. Policies are attached to users or groups and are evaluated whenever a user attempts to perform an action in AWS. policy specifies the resources and actions that are allowed or denied as well as any conditions that must be met for the policy to be effective.

IAM user policies are very flexible and can be used to create very granular permissions. you can specify individual actions such as s3:GetObject or ec2:StartInstance or you can use wildcards to grant access to multiple actions at once. similarly you can grant access to specific resources or use wildcards to grant access to all resources in particular service.


In this Amazon Web Services (AWS) IAM User & Policy video we are going to practically talk about this.

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