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In this AWS Python video lesson we want to learn about AWS Boto3 SDK Configuration for Python.

What is SDK ?

SDK stands for Software Development Kit, which is a collection of software development tools and resources for building software applications. SDK typically includes a set of libraries, APIs and other development tools that developers can use to build software for specific platform or programming language. purpose of an SDK is to make it easier for developers to create software applications by providing pre built components and resources that can be used to speed up the development process. for example an SDK for mobile app development might include tools for building user interfaces, handling network requests and accessing device sensors.

SDKs are typically provided by companies or organizations that want to encourage the development of software applications that work with their products or platforms. for example Apple provides an SDK for iOS app development, Google provides an SDK for Android app development and AWS provides Boto3 SDK for Python.

What is Boto3 ?

Boto3 is Python software development kit (SDK) provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for interacting with AWS services such as Amazon S3, EC2, DynamoDB and many others. Boto3 provides simple and intuitive interface for interacting with AWS resources using Python code. it allows developers to automate various tasks such as creating and managing instances, launching and terminating instances, uploading and downloading files and more. Boto3 is widely used by developers who work with AWS as it provides an easy way to integrate AWS services into Python applications. it also provides features like automatic pagination, automatic retries and error handling, making it easier for developers to handle complex tasks involving AWS resources.

In this AWS Boto3 SDK Configuration for Python video we are going to practically talk about this.

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