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In this AWS video lesson we want to learn about Amazon Web Services (AWS) IAM User Group, Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides Identity and Access Management (IAM) services which allows users to manage access to AWS services and resources securely. IAM allows users to create and manage IAM users and groups to access and manage AWS resources. in this AWS video we want to discuss about AWS IAM User Groups, their benefits and how to create them.


AWS IAM User Groups

IAM User Groups is a feature of AWS IAM that allows users to group IAM users and assign permissions to those groups. User Groups make it easy to manage permissions for large number of users, rather than managing permissions individually for each user.


Benefits of AWS IAM User Groups

  1. Simplified Management: with User Groups it is easier to manage permissions for multiple users. Rather than setting up permissions for each user individually, permissions can be assigned to User Groups which makes it easier to manage user permissions.
  2. Better Security: IAM User Groups also provide better security by allowing users to grant permissions based on roles, rather than individuals. This ensures that only authorized users can access resources and perform actions within the AWS environment.
  3. Scalability: User Groups also make it easier to scale the AWS environment. as more users are added to the system, permissions can be easily managed by adding them to appropriate User Groups. this allows for more efficient and scalable environment.


In this Amazon Web Services (AWS) IAM User Group video we are going to practically talk about this.

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