Flask & AWS Load Balancer
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In this Flask video lesson we want to learn How to Add Bootstrap Navbar to Flask, so Bootstrap Navbar is a UI component provided by Bootstrap framework that helps to create  responsive navigation bar for web applications. navigation bar is also known as menu bar or  header, it is an important component of a web page that provides users with links to different pages or sections of the website. Bootstrap Navbar is designed to be mobile first which means that it is optimized for smaller screens and can be easily adapted to larger screens. it provides different features that helps you to create responsive and user friendly navigation experience.


These are some features of Bootstrap Navbar

  1. Brand or logo: Bootstrap Navbar allows developers to include a brand or logo in the navigation bar, and this makes it easier for users to identify the website.
  2. Navigation links: Bootstrap Navbar provides simple and easy way to include navigation links in the bar, including dropdown menus and submenus.
  3. Responsive design: Bootstrap Navbar is designed to be responsive, and it means that it can automatically adjust its layout and appearance based on the size of the user’s screen.
  4. Customization: Bootstrap Navbar can be easily customized using CSS or Sass, and this allows developers to create unique navigation bars that match their website design.



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