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In this Flask Video we want to learn How to Install Python Flask, so first of all let’s talk that what is Python Flask.


What is Python Flask ?

Flask is popular Python web framework that allows developers to easily build web applications. it is lightweight and flexible framework that provides developers with necessary tools to create web applications quickly and easily. Flask is also known for its simplicity and it makes it popular choice for developers who want to create web applications with minimal work.


Key Features of Python Flask

Python Flask is micro web framework that provides simple and flexible way to build web applications. some of the key features of Python Flask are:

  1. Lightweight and modular: Flask is lightweight framework with small core that can be easily extended with different extensions and libraries, and this makes it highly modular and customizable.
  2. Routing: Flask provides built in routing system that allows developers to map URL patterns to corresponding functions in their application code, and this makes it easy to handle incoming requests and generate responses.
  3. Template engine: Flask comes with builtin Jinja2 template engine that allows developers to create dynamic HTML pages with minimal effort. Jinja2 provides different features such as template inheritance, filters and macros.
  4. Built-in development server: Flask provides builtin development server that allows developers to test their applications without needing to set up a production server.
  5. HTTP request/response handling: Flask provides simple and easy way to handle HTTP requests and responses, including handling of request parameters, cookies and headers.
  6. Extensions: Flask has different extensions available that can help developers add functionality to their applications, such as authentication, database integration and many more.
  7. Debugging support: Flask provides powerful debugging support through its integrated debugger, which allows developers to debug their code in real time, as well as to track errors and exceptions.


So in How to Install Python Flask Video we are going to talk about Flask Installation step by step

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