Flask & AWS Load Balancer
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In this Flask video lesson we want to learn How to Insert Bootstrap Modal to Flask, so Bootstrap Modal is a UI component provided by Bootstrap framework that helps to create popup windows or dialog boxes on web pages. Modals are used to display additional content or to interact with users without navigating away from the current page.


Bootstrap Modal provides different features that makes it easy to create responsive and user friendly dialog boxes including:

  1. Easy to trigger: Bootstrap Modal can be easily triggered using JavaScript or by adding data attribute to a link or button element.
  2. Customization: Bootstrap Modal can be customized using CSS or Sass, and this allows developers to create unique styles and animations for their dialog boxes.
  3. Responsive design: Bootstrap Modal is designed to be responsive, and it means that it can automatically adjust its layout and appearance based on the size of the use screen.
  4. Accessibility: Bootstrap Modal is designed to be accessible, it means that it can be used by users with disabilities and can be easily navigated using keyboard shortcuts.
  5. Events: Bootstrap Modal provides different JavaScript events that allow developers to add custom behavior and functionality to their dialog boxes.


In this How to Insert Bootstrap Modal to Flask video we want to practically talk about this concept

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