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In this Flask & AWS video we want to learn how to Add Bootstrap Modal to our Flask Application, basically this modal will for inserting the data, Bootstrap Modal is JavaScript component of the popular Bootstrap framework that provides dialog box or popup window that appears on top of the current page. it is used to display content, forms or messages that require user interaction without leaving the current page.

Bootstrap Modal component is designed to be customizable and easy to use. it supports different features such as animations, keyboard navigation and backdrop options. It can also be used to display images, videos and other types of media.

To use Bootstrap Modal developers needs to include the necessary JavaScript and CSS files in their web page or application. after that they can then add  Modal element to their HTML code and customize it according to their needs.

Bootstrap Modal can be triggered by button or link on the page and it can also be used to display dynamic content that is loaded through AJAX calls or other sources. content within the Modal can be dynamically updated or replaced, making it a useful tool for displaying dynamic data.

In result we can say that Bootstrap Modal is useful component that allows developers to create user friendly and interactive dialogs or popups within their web pages or applications. (Flask & AWS – Add Bootstrap Modal)

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