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In this Flask & AWS video we want to learn about Adding Navbar to our Flask Application, so Navbar (short for Navigation Bar) is graphical user interface (GUI) element that appears at the top of web page or application. it typically contains set of links or buttons that allow users to navigate between different sections or pages of the website or application

Navbar is usually located at the top of the page above main content and it is designed to be easily accessible and visible to users at all times. it may contain  logo or branding element, search bar and links to important pages such as home page, contact page, about page and so on.

The design of Navbar can be different depending on the website or application’s style and purpose. It can be fixed or static it means that it stays in the same position as the user scrolls down the page, or it can be collapsible or hidden, meaning that it only appears when the user clicks on a menu icon or button.

In result we can say that the Navbar is an important element of website and application design, as it provides users with clear and easy navigation system, which helps them find the content they are looking for quickly and efficiently. (Flask & AWS – Adding Navbar)

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