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In this Flask AWS video i want to show you how to Select Data from MySQL Database, basically in this video we will use Wamp Server, but in the later part of the course we will change this to Amazon RDS, so WampServer is free open source software stack that includes Apache web server, PHP scripting language, and MySQL/MariaDB relational database management system. name WampServer is an acronym derived from the software stack it includes: “W” for Windows operating system, “A” for Apache web server, “M” for MySQL/MariaDB database, and “P” for PHP scripting language.

WampServer is designed to provide local development environment for building and testing web applications on Windows computer. it allows developers to create and test dynamic web applications using PHP and MySQL/MariaDB without the need for a remote server or hosting provider.

WampServer is easy to install and configure and it includes a control panel that allows users to start and stop Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, and PHP services with single click. control panel also provides access to different configuration options for each component, such as PHP extensions and MySQL/MariaDB settings.

In result we can say that WampServer is a popular and useful tool for web developers who want to create and test web applications on their local machine before deploying them to a production environment, in this Flask & AWS – Select Data we are going to learn about these concepts practically.

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