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In this Flask AWS video we want to learn about Flask SQLAlchemy, Flask SQLAlchemy is Flask extension that provides high level interface for working with relational databases in Flask web applications. SQLAlchemy is popular Object Relational Mapping (ORM) library for Python, and Flask SQLAlchemy integrates it with Flask to provide convenient and flexible way to work with databases in Flask applications.

Flask SQLAlchemy provides an intuitive syntax for defining database models as Python classes where each class corresponds to database table and class attributes represent the columns of table. Flask SQLAlchemy supports different backends including PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite and others.

In addition to defining database models Flask SQLAlchemy also provides  powerful querying API that allows developers to retrieve, filter and manipulate data from the database using Python syntax. Flask SQLAlchemy supports advanced features such as eager loading, lazy loading and subqueries, allowing developers to optimize their queries and minimize database access.

Flask SQLAlchemy also provides support for database migrations and it allows developers to modify database schema over time while preserving existing data. Flask SQLAlchemy uses Alembic lightweight database migration tool to automate the process of creating, modifying and reverting database schemas.

In result we can say that Flask SQLAlchemy provides convenient and powerful way to work with relational databases in Flask web applications, allowing developers to define database models, query and manipulate data, and manage database migrations using Python syntax and Flask’s familiar programming model, in this Flask & AWS – Flask SQLAlchemy video you will learn the concept practically.

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