React Native
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In this React Native video lesson we want to learn about How to Create WebView in React Native, in React Native WebView component is fundamental UI component that allows developers to display web content inside mobile app. WebView component provides simple and efficient way to load and display web pages, web apps and other online content within a mobile app.


These are some key features of WebView component in React Native:

  1. Cross-platform compatibility: WebView component is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms and it allows developers to create consistent and uniform UI across different devices and operating systems.
  2. Full web browser capabilities: WebView component provides full web browser capabilities including support for JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
  3. Supports URL loading: WebView component allows developers to load and display web content by specifying a URL.
  4. Provides event listeners: WebView component provides event listeners that fire when web content finishes loading, errors occur or when the user navigates back and forth.
  5. Supports navigation: WebView component allows users to navigate between different web pages and supports history navigation.
  6. Supports custom styling: WebView component allows developers to customize the styling of the web content to match the app’s design and branding.
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