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In this React Native video we want to learn about Navigation in React Native, Navigation is  crucial aspect of mobile app development. it refers to the process of moving between different screens or views within an app. React Native provides several navigation libraries that enable developers to build navigation functionality into their apps.


Some popular navigation libraries for React Native include:

  1. React Navigation: This is popular library for building navigation functionality in React Native. it provides several navigation options such as stack, tab, drawer and material bottom tabs.
  2. React Native Navigation: This library is designed to provide native look and feel to your app’s navigation. it is built on top of the native navigation libraries for both iOS and Android, which means it offers a highly performant and customizable experience.
  3. React Native Router Flux: This library provides an easy API for implementing navigation in your React Native app. it is based on the React Router library, which is a popular routing library for React web apps.

In React Native navigation is typically implemented by defining set of routes and navigator component that renders the appropriate screen based on the current route. Navigation libraries provide additional functionality such as navigation stack management, tab navigation, and drawer navigation.

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