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In this React Native video we want to learn How to Use React Native Functional Component, so first of all let’s talk about React Native Components.


What is React Native Components ?

In React Native a component is reusable piece of code that represents part of the user interface. Components are the building blocks of React Native app and are used to create the visual elements of the app such as buttons, text fields, images and more.

Components in React Native are similar to components in React for web development, but they are designed specifically for mobile development. React Native components are written in JavaScript and uses combination of CSS like styles and JSX syntax to define their appearance and behavior.



React Native Component Types

There are two types of components in React Native, functional components and class components. Functional components are simple functions that take in props and return JSX elements. Class components on the other hand, are defined using ES6 classes and have additional features such as state management.

React Native also offers different builtin components that can be used to create complex user interfaces including ScrollView, FlatList, Image, TextInput and more. also developers can create their own custom components and reuse them throughout their app.

So we can say that components are fundamental part of building React Native app and provides powerful and flexible way to create and manage the app’s user interface.

(How to Use React Native Functional Component)

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