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In this React Native video lesson we want to learn How to Use Image in React Native, in React Native Image component is a fundamental UI component that is used to display images in mobile apps. Image component provides simple and efficient way to load and display images from local or remote sources.


These are some key features of the Image component in React Native:

  1. Cross-platform compatibility: Image component is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms and it allows developers to create consistent and uniform UI across different devices and operating systems.
  2. Customizable: Image component can be customized with various styles and attributes to match the app’s design and branding.
  3. Supports different image sources: Image component can load images from different sources including local files, network URLs and data URIs.
  4. Provides image caching: Image component provides builtin image caching and it allows images to be stored locally on the device and reducing the amount of data that needs to be downloaded from the server.
  5. Supports image resizing: Image component allows developers to resize images to fit different screen sizes and aspect ratios, improving the app’s performance and reducing load times.
  6. Provides error handling: Image component provides error handling for failed image loads, allowing developers to display a placeholder image or a custom error message when an image fails to load.
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