React Native
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In this React Native video lesson we want to learn about Pull to Refresh in React Native, in React Native FlatList component is popular and widely used component that allows developers to display large sets of data efficiently. it is a highly customizable and powerful component that can be used to create various types of lists and grids in mobile apps.

One of the common features that can be added to a FlatList component is pull-to-refresh. this allows the user to refresh the content of the list by pulling down on the screen with their finger similar to the RefreshControl component in ScrollView component.

To add pull-to-refresh functionality to FlatList component in React Native, we can use the onRefresh and refreshing props. onRefresh prop is a function that is called when the user pulls down on the list to refresh the content, while the refreshing prop is a boolean value that indicates whether the list is currently being refreshed.


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