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In this React Native video lesson we want to learn How to Use FlatList in React Native, FlatList is a component in React Native that is used to render list of data in scrollable view. it is similar to the ScrollView component but is optimized for rendering large lists of data that would be too slow or memory-intensive to render all at once.

FlatList component renders subset of data items that are currently visible on the screen and as the user scrolls, it dynamically renders and unmounts additional items as needed and it keeps the memory usage low and the performance high.


These are some key features of the FlatList component:

  1. Data-driven:FlatList component is designed to render list of data items that are supplied to it as an array of objects. Each item in the list is rendered using custom component that is defined by the developer.
  2. Dynamic rendering: FlatList component dynamically renders and unmounts items as the user scrolls, ensuring that only the visible items are rendered at any given time.
  3. Customizable: FlatList component is highly customizable and it allows developers to specify different properties such as the item renderer component, item height, scroll direction and more.
  4. Performance: FlatList component is optimized for rendering large lists of data efficiently, and it uses techniques such as view recycling and incremental rendering to minimize memory usage and improve performance.
  5. Event handling: FlatList component provides various event handlers that can be used to respond to user interactions such as scrolling, selecting an item or reaching the end of the list.


We can say that FlatList component is powerful and flexible tool for rendering large lists of data in performant and memory efficient way. it is widely used in React Native development for building different types of lists such as news feeds, chat conversations and product catalogs.

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